Is your wife or partner getting seriously shirty with you because s/he’s sick to death of having to do your bookkeeping for you?

Or are you frustrated with having to do it yourself?!

Often this work is done after hours, and being tired from work doesn’t help the situation. And there’s ALWAYS something else that needs to be done, be it around the house, or friends or family to visit, running kids around, etc.

You might be worried and stressed about lodging your IAS/BAS, superannuation, workcover or other compliance matters on time, or worried that you might submit incorrect figures.

Because you hate doing your book work, you quite likely put it off, leaving it until the last minute when the BAS is due. Then you or your partner have to rush through it, tearing your hair out with stress to get it done on time, all the while being unsure that you’ve even done it all correctly.

What a nightmare!!

Then there’s the matter of how you keep up with changes to compliance matters like superannuation rates, the new SuperStream, and other tax office requirements.

Wouldn’t you rather not have the stress, and work on your business, doing the work you enjoy?

Or, even better, having time for family and friends, entertainment, or simply relaxing? You could have more time in your man cave, or having snuggles with your partner (assuming s/he is still talking to you!) Perhaps you’d rather go on a camping trip on the weekend rather than messing around with invoices and getting your accounts up to date.

Well, we can help you!! And as a result, it might just save your relationship! At Top Notch Accounts, we love bookwork. We’ll take the frustration and hassle out of doing your bookkeeping… and we’ll enjoy it, to boot!!

We’ll make sure your clients are invoiced and promptly, and chase up any outstanding invoices.  We’ll organise for your supplier invoices to be paid, and your staff if you have them. We’ll get your GST, PAYG and superannuation submitted on time, and liaise with the ATO and/or your accountant where necessary.

And we’re affordable. The cost of using our services will be far outweighed by the stress relief and time you get back from not having to do your own bookwork.contact_us_postit_v2

So stop tearing your hair out and wasting your precious time on a job you dislike. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation initial consultation valued at $67, and let Top Notch Accounts help you get your life back, and help your relationship.

Simply click on the post it note to visit our contact page, and either phone or send an email via the form.